Marketing: Targeting Humans And Machines

When you think about marketing, do you think about targeting both humans and machines? Or you just prepare your content for being read by humans alone? And how the hell does marketing for machines looks like? If we think about marketing in its true, real sense, then you think about marketing for people. That’s howContinue reading “Marketing: Targeting Humans And Machines”

The Top 11 Key Factors For Success In Writing

What is your definition of success in writing? Is it to get published by a publishing house? Is it to get 1000 likes to one post? Or maybe to sell 10,000 copies of your self-published eBook? Well, whatever it is, the key factors for success are the same, so following them will bring you whereverContinue reading “The Top 11 Key Factors For Success In Writing”

How To Deal With Negative Feedback?

How often does fear of negative feedback stops you from doing something? What about from writing a harsh truth? How many ideas are killed daily because of this fear of negative feedback? Negative feedback will always be a possibility for any of us because you cannot be liked by everybody. You really can’t, and theContinue reading “How To Deal With Negative Feedback?”

6 Habits Every Writer Needs To Have

How would you define a writer? What do writers do to become successful? How come some bloggers have tons of followers whilst others don’t? The answer lays in the things they daily do over and over again, so basically, their habits. Maine we sometimes don’t realize, but what we do every single day is whatContinue reading “6 Habits Every Writer Needs To Have”

7 Steps To Get Into The Writing Mindset

How does your mind look like when you try to write something? In which state do you write better? Are you doing anything special to get into that state? The writing mindset is the term I use to describe the state of mind that allows you to write your best. We all have one, regardlessContinue reading “7 Steps To Get Into The Writing Mindset”

The Importance Of Your Writing Environment

How often do you pay attention to your environment while writing? Do you feel distracted? Inspired? In a good mood? The real question is if your writing environment is helping you or not. If it is, then it is awesome! If not, you probably need to do some changes.

Are Images Required In Each Post?

Can an image worth more than 1000 words in the blogging world as well? How often and how many images do you use in your posts? Are those images complementing your post or they are there to make your post look longer and prettier? I tend to use images in all my posts because ofContinue reading “Are Images Required In Each Post?”

Keyword Research: The Step Before Every Post?

Before starting to work on a post, what is the first step you take? Is it to write down the main ideas you want to cover for that particular topic? Is it to struggle to find something to write about? Or maybe you just start writing without any other step before? You know it, andContinue reading “Keyword Research: The Step Before Every Post?”

5 Benefits Of Writing About One Topic At A Time

If you analyze your writing style, how would you describe it in regards with the number of topics tackled in one post? Do you notice any difference in performance if you compare the posts with one topic with the ones with more than one? Okay, let’s get this straight! When I say one topic, I’mContinue reading “5 Benefits Of Writing About One Topic At A Time”

Reading From A Reader’s Perspective

As writers, we tend to read our own creations with the eyes and the mind of an editor, which is awesome because that’s mainly how we get better at our craft. However, how often do you read your own posts with the eyes of a reader? What is this good for? Well, how can youContinue reading “Reading From A Reader’s Perspective”

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