The Two Types Of Writers

After reading all these blogs and quotes, I noticed one thing: there are huge differences between writers. And I’m not talking about style, I’m talking about the creation process.

I know, I know, I haven’t discovered a new country or something and this is pretty much obvious for everyone, but there are writers that write 1000 words in one hour and others that write the same amount in 5 hours. And the quality is similar. Why?

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Some people are born this way

I think that some writers are born to be writers, while others are not. However, this doesn’t stop them. Even though the writing process feels similar with being in a surgery without anesthetic, they keep going.

For others, writing flows naturally, like breathing. They can write anything anywhere. Maybe this is a classic example of nature vs nurture?

Experience has a say

Of course, we need to consider the experience as well. But sometimes the more experience one has, the harder it is to settle to a written piece. This is because new ideas and new ways of writing will flow around that person, therefore it gets harder to choose and stick to something.

The results are similar

In the end, regardless how much one struggles to get a piece done, the results are similar. A talented writer that puts in little work will have the same results as a writer that works hard to grow every day. Actually, the working-hard writer might even do a better job than the talented one because the growing speed is faster.

Talent gives you an edge, but work brings you success. And I believe this applies to everything in life. So, if words get out of you like water out of a faucet, you have a super-power! Use it wisely!

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  1. 🤔 “Some people are gifted, but for others there’s American Express!”

    True that “Talent gives you an edge, but work brings you success.” Can we merge talent with work to produce extraordinary results? Just wondering; or maybe those who merge both get the extraordinary result?

    Good observation … Thanks for posting.

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  2. I think I am one of those that can “let it rip” when I write. I get an idea for something and if it stays around for several days after I first write it down, then I go after it. Some ideas hit me at like 3 am and just bug me no end…they make me get up and write them down. As long as I don’t wake up my wife doing so, I’m good. 😁

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  3. I echo what everyone else is saying! Writing for me takes hold and sometimes I just need to jot it down quickly before I forget. I often can’t turn my mind off once I know what my first sentence will be, and once I have an idea of how I want to end it. The title takes a few tries sometimes but then it just flows from there! Writing, I also feel, is a feeling of pleasure and accomplishment that you can relive again and again. But the pressure can sometimes get to you too, feeling like your next piece won’t be as good as the last but then somehow it can be true! Great post, thanks!

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  4. Goes to show that one size does not fit all. I write because I have ideas to share that pop into my head. I’m probably a get a lot down quick kinda guy, then nothing for a bit. I’d like to be more persistent, but it’s not all I do. Thanks for the tips.

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  5. Well, here are my two cents on this subject: when i get a story idea, i never write it down immediately. I let it simmer, remembering only a few key words. When it’s time to write, i first stare at the blank page for way too long, imagining how i would like the story to unfold depending on how i feel. By the end, what i imagined at the beginning and the finished product are very different. Only the main concept of the story is still standing in place. To me, a story is like a wild beast which yearns to be let free to wander towards the end of the Universe (if need be) and every time i do this, when the ride is over, i feel an immense fulfillment. Thank you very much for this opportunity to express these thoughts.


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