How Stephen King Wrote Some Of His Best Books

Since you asked for some writing tips, today I will let someone more experienced in this field to give it to you, therefore, Stephen King is in tha’ house!

Here are the 10 lessons from the above video:

  1. Love what you do;
  2. Be yourself;
  3. Explore new ideas;
  4. The good idea stays with you;
  5. Love the process
  6. Learn from rejections;
  7. Look for ideas you enjoy
  8. Find your creative process
  9. Pass something on;
  10. Tell great stories.

I’m not that big of a fan of this guy because his horror books really freak me out to the point I cannot sleep with my lights off anymore, but he knows what he’s doing.

What do you think about Stephen King and his work?

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  1. I have always admired how Stephen King can tell a very detailed story but he doesn’t always explain exactly how everything works. You have to put a lot of pieces together in your own mind and you don’t ever know if you’re exactly right. The beauty of his style is that he leaves room for the reader to be creative.

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  2. Stephen king has made me physically flinch and cringe while reading. I’ll not deny the plots are brilliant.

    But there are some times he describes female characters and it’s not… the best. :/

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  3. I remember when I first read Stephen King as a teenager. I barely knew Maine existed, let alone that I would someday call it my home, and know people who either know him, or grew up around him. Long before I ever set foot here, I remember being impressed that most of his earlier work evolved from his nightmares. Thank you for liking my recent post.

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  4. I’m over half way through his book “On Writing.” Listening to it on audible actually which is pretty cool to hear him narrate and give his perspective in a memoir form. It was interesting to hear his perspective on writing in the affirmative verses passive as well as his take on adverbs. As a newer writer, these were good perspectives for me to hear. He also goes onto discussing so many great topics from where to write, daily goals, and developing “your style.” I’m much more of a non-fiction reader and writer. Perhaps one day I’ll delve into the realms of fiction, but regardless – learning from a writer like King is intriguing.

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