7 Tips About Writing A Book

Do you plan being an author? If you do, then you could probably use a tip or two about the whole process of writing and publishing a book.

To give you full disclosure, until now, I never wrote a book. However, I was part of the end-to-end process. Also, I did some research for you and I found this video with tips about writing a book, so I collected them and I’m adding my insights as well.

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1) Decide how bad you want it

Just as the dude in the video says, the process of writing a book is pretty hard and it involves lots of things. And it will often feel like it’s never-ending and that you would like to quit.

You need to ask yourself about the reasons you want to write that book. Is it because you hope it will bring you loads of money? Is it because you want to impress people? Is it because you have something to say that needs to be said because it will make the world better? Whatever it is, it cannot be a shallow reason because when things get rough, a shallow reason will vanish and you will have no reason to continue.

2) Create an outline and a schedule

Since there are so many things involved, you need to split them into pieces and take each piece at a time. And in the same time, you need to keep in mind the outline, the thing you want to say. You don’t want to start writing a nonfiction book and end up writing about two butterflies sharing stories about why The World War II started.

3) Think about how you want to publish it

Before you write your book, you need to decide which route you want to go. There are pros and cons for self-publishing compared to going to a publisher, so you need to realize what works the best for you. A publisher will bring you reach, but it is more expensive and it does not guarantee success, while self-publishing doesn’t bring you that reach, but it is cheaper (or even free).

4) Overcome rejection

You will face rejection. Constantly. Especially if you go the publisher route. People are different; therefore, they will see your book differently. Some might like it while others might not. You just need to find the ones that do like your book.

In the beginnings, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book has been rejected 12 times. Jack Canfield has been rejected 100+ times. If they didn’t overcome those rejections, the world wouldn’t have known them, which wouldn’t have been fair for the world. Rejectors are people too, you know?

5) Have a test audience

Honestly, this was the first time I heard about a test audience, but it makes total sense. Since software products have it, why shouldn’t books have them too?

Of course, this would require some money, but you can go with eBooks. If you have your book in a digital format, share it with a bunch of people you trust (to give you real feedback) and take into consideration what they have to say about it.

6) Spread the word before it is done

Tell people about the fact you’re writing a book. Tell them what it is all about and notice their reactions. Write about it on your website and go outside and scream you’re writing a book. Some will curse you while others will love you. But that’s all about overcoming rejection.

Also, this way you keep yourself accountable for finishing it. You said you’ll do it, so now you have to, right?

7) Marketing never stops

Just like nurturing a child, you need to nurture your book. The nurture never stops, and nor the marketing. You wrote it, you managed to get it published, so be proud of it and keep telling people. Of course, don’t talk with the same 3 people every time, but you got the idea.

Which tips do you have to share about writing a book?

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  1. Thank you so much!! I’m in the middle of writing a book myself (actually more of a long series) and I need all the tips I can get! My sisters and mom are also writing books separate of me and each other and they need some tips too. I’ll definitely be reading a lot of your blogs!

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  2. Thank you for these great tips! I’m writing a fiction at the moment, a long process due to other things going on in life i.e. I’m studying naturopathic nutrition… Take care


    • Thank you for sharing these helpful tips about writing a book! I found the tip about setting a daily writing goal to be particularly useful. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of writing an entire book, but breaking it down into smaller, achievable goals makes the process feel more manageable. I also liked the idea of creating a timeline to help stay on track. These are great reminders for anyone looking to write a book. Keep up the good work!

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