Marketing: Targeting Humans And Machines

When you think about marketing, do you think about targeting both humans and machines? Or you just prepare your content for being read by humans alone? And how the hell does marketing for machines looks like?

If we think about marketing in its true, real sense, then you think about marketing for people. That’s how it is and that’s how it should be. But the more technology evolves and the more we are using it, then we need to think about marketing our content for machines tool.Continue reading “Marketing: Targeting Humans And Machines”

Wisdom Of Writers: Writer Habits

Every human is different; therefore, every writer is different. This means that we all have different ways of doing things, which can help or hurt our capabilities of anything, including writing.

However, Stephen King thinks there are two habits every writer should form and have:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Writer Habits”

The Top 11 Key Factors For Success In Writing

What is your definition of success in writing? Is it to get published by a publishing house? Is it to get 1000 likes to one post? Or maybe to sell 10,000 copies of your self-published eBook?

Well, whatever it is, the key factors for success are the same, so following them will bring you wherever you want to go, because the basic principles are the same. Just like a car… it doesn’t matter wherever you want to go with it or whichever form it has, all cars have engines, wheels, doors, windows and seats (at least, for now).

If you took your life-changing decision to make a living out of your writing (or something else that involves writing too), then you need to read and keep in mind the top key factors mentioned below.Continue reading “The Top 11 Key Factors For Success In Writing”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Starter Pack

What expectations do you have when starting something… anything? And what’s even more important, how do you react when that start is not performing the way you expected? Do you quit? Hopefully not.

Ernest Hemingway is really honest and he basically tells us to lower our expectations when we start anything, in less and more real words:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Starter Pack”

How To Deal With Negative Feedback?

How often does fear of negative feedback stops you from doing something? What about from writing a harsh truth? How many ideas are killed daily because of this fear of negative feedback?

Negative feedback will always be a possibility for any of us because you cannot be liked by everybody. You really can’t, and the faster you accept this, the better it will be for you.

However, I know that this acceptance cannot come right away, so let’s see how to deal with this fear and with the negative feedback when it comes.Continue reading “How To Deal With Negative Feedback?”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Practical Benefit

Being a writer is a way of living, regardless if you write books, blog posts, short stories and so on. And as a way of living, it needs to have some practical benefits so you can, you know, LIVE!

A piece of content is not so visible in the world like building a house, but that piece of content has the power to determine 10 people to build 1000 houses.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

Neil Gaiman touches this aspect, but I believe the power of writing so very underestimated nowadays:

“Stories may well be lies, but they are good lies that say true things, and which can sometimes pay the rent.”

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6 Habits Every Writer Needs To Have

How would you define a writer? What do writers do to become successful? How come some bloggers have tons of followers whilst others don’t?

The answer lays in the things they daily do over and over again, so basically, their habits. Maine we sometimes don’t realize, but what we do every single day is what defines us. Not our words, not what our close ones say. No. Our daily habits. Consistency is the key (and the fault) for who we and who we will become.Continue reading “6 Habits Every Writer Needs To Have”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Must-Have Habit

I’ve always considered writing to be helpful and beneficial, therefore I’m a big fan of writing (duuuhhh!) and I believe everybody should write for having a healthier life.

Louis L’Amour summarizes the whole idea in one phrase:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Must-Have Habit”

7 Steps To Get Into The Writing Mindset

How does your mind look like when you try to write something? In which state do you write better? Are you doing anything special to get into that state?

The writing mindset is the term I use to describe the state of mind that allows you to write your best. We all have one, regardless if we are aware of how it looks like. And if we can control it, then we can write our best every time we write something, which will help us grow more and more in this writing field.

But I must warn you: some steps are not easy! They take practice, and with practice it will become a habit, so it will take less and less conscious effort to access it. If you are ready for this commitment, let’s do it!Continue reading “7 Steps To Get Into The Writing Mindset”

Wisdom Of Writers: Impacting Words

How often do you think about the impact your writing has on your readers? Maybe you think more about the impact your writing should have, which is not really the same.

Anyways, Aldous Huxley has a very interesting way of describing the impact words can have on readers:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Impacting Words”

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