3 Ways To Create An Attractive Introduction

An introduction creates the first impression. Any introduction. It’s either if you write your post title introduction, or you write the introduction of your book, or even if you go to a random store and you buy bread.

Everyone that gets in contact with you for the first time will have an opinion about you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is the correct one. But if you want it to be as accurate as possible, you need to be there and pay attention to it.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

1) Use questions

This especially applies to blog posts, articles and anything that gets in touch with random people (e.g. people that haven’t heard about you before). When it comes to a book, it is not that important because they already heard about you in some way, either by the presentation of your book, or the description about it published on the selling platform.

The questions need to be about the contents of your creation, so you won’t disappoint your readers (you cannot write a question as part of the introduction of a horse article). Also, it needs to be interesting (how does this sound: “Do you usually breathe? Then you need to read this!” compared to: “Have you heard about the newest research regarding the impact of oxygen over your muscles?”).

2) Use statistics

Again, this applies to blog posts and articles.

Statistics are impactful because they express the likelihood an opinion is adopted by the majority of a population. For example, which one of these two introductions seem more appealing: “The habits that writers consider to be important” vs “Over 95% of writers consider these habits to be important”?

 3) Set the starting point

This is more important for writing books, novels or short stories. Also, this applies to the first chapter, not to what is before that (e.g. Introduction or Thank You pages) and it is highly subjective!

As a reader, this is what attracts me the most. You need to set the scene just like it is done in a movie. Write something about the weather. Add a thing or two about the details of that place. Describe the house or the room or the street or the mind. Basically, write a detailed description (a detail description always turns me on).

As a reader, what kind of introductions attract you?

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  1. Thanks for posting your tips Lorene ;)! I have used your tips in one form or another in my blog posts, especially the stats but probably not too often in my intros ;).

    Would an interesting photo or illustration relevant to your topic help in attracting interest to your article too;)?


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