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Today I have an interesting question for you:

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At what point in life you decided you wanted to become a writer/blogger? Why?

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  1. Good question! for me, it started when I was a teenager. So, around 15 years old. Then, I stared taking it seriously like three years ago when I finally got round to doing a writing course. This gave me the confidence to start publishing my stories and poems on my blog which i started in August last year.

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  2. I decided I wanted to write when I was 8 years old (1971) I wrote poems and kept a journal from when I was 12 but only took to blogging in 2008. I find I can express my thoughts more adequately through written word. It gives me time to think about what I want to say.

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  3. There was no decision. I have always written since I was able to put words together on a page. Poetry (published) in first grade, short stories in second. It is just something I have always done and I don’t recall a time when it wasn’t so (I was telling stories before I could write).

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  4. I feel like I’ve always had stories to tell, but I have also considered writing to be a hobby, and not a career. I’ve never attempted to get anything published.

    One major turning point is when I was 18 and my friend and I were home for spring break, and we visited our old high school that we had graduated from the year before. Over the next few days, I just got to thinking about how everything that had happened to me that last year of high school would make a good novel, or movie, or something, so I wrote a first draft (it wasn’t very long) in eight days. I worked on it some more a few times over the next several years… it really isn’t very good, but I think of that as my first major creative writing project.

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  5. I think when I was 12 but then in middle school when I was able to write editorials for the school paper. I think and cummicate best with a pen in my hand. Covid slowed my life down enough to learn how to blog.

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  6. Great question – My writing stems from my belief that there is always something one can do. I started writing to channel my innermost thoughts and feelings. Once it is out there on paper (digital media) it is out of the system and cathartic. It is therapeutic for me, I do not write about stuff I do not practice or do not believe in just for the sake of blogging. It is very raw and real for me. After my dog, writing has saved me 🙂

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  7. I started blogging upon the first release of my book #ConstructionTales back in 2013. My reason was for wanting to tell my story as a female electrician since it is unique and not often told. I have most recently started digging into topics for my upcoming podcast. I am glad for you that writing has saved you. I find the blogging process as a satisfying creative project. Best wishes.

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  8. I started my original blog while taking care of my mom. My wife and I had taken care of her mom for 13 years, with a short two year break to ourselves. Then my mom came to live with us in 2005 and stayed with us until she passed in 2019. In talking to many friends, I began hearing all sorts of stories about elderly parents and having to care for them. I thought, “Wow, there are a lot of people out there with similar experiences. Why not write about it? Maybe it will help other people if they can find a place to vent their concerns and frustrations – which are many.

    Most of the original post were health care related; dealing with nursing homes; dealing with Medicare/Medicaid; dealing with falls, dementia, and other declining health issues. After mom past, I turned to my own diagnosis of Parkinson’s, and a more wide range of stories and articles.

    I wrote a lot about my own family to get some things off my chest so to speak – an abusive father for one. It was therapeutic for me at first. Now it’s fun.

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  9. I feel like I’ve always used words to express myself. I was a very timid kid so speaking my mind was always terrifying. In class, if I knew the answer to a question that the teacher was asking (even if I knew it to be 1000% true) I would still not raise my hand just in case by a miniscule percentage that I was wrong. I was afraid of being wrong, and therefore judged. I was fearful of embarrassment and humiliation. And so writing in my journal was the safest way I could express my feelings. But somewhere along the way, I found my voice and little by little I started to use it. I began my blog about 6-7 years ago but have, honestly, only recently started telling my authentic story (knowing I could be ridiculed or harshly criticised, but doing it anyway)! 🙂


  10. I know that feeling of not wanting to talk in class…I stuttered as a kid. In fact up until I was about 15-16? I moved from Ohio to Indiana in 1956 and hated my first day of school. Every teacher wanted to know who I was; where I came from; did I have brothers/sisters, yada, yada, yada. The giggles I heard were hard to take. What was worse, my dad mocked me at home. Been there…glad your writing gave you a lift.


  11. I decided to write after working on my masters degree, I wrote a novel, but it was highly unsuccessful. However, the writing bug bit me good.

    I started to write a blog shortly after that, but it was horrible – it became an outlet for my complaining. I became exhausted in my endeavor and vowed to never write again.

    Then, I started to miss it, so with a four year break, I picked up my quill, and put words to paper again. Man does that feel good.


  12. I have always enjoyed reading and sharing my thoughts. As a teenager I use to write short stories but stopped. In university, I had to start a blog for a class I was taking on Biochemistry but I never continued after that. Then when I started working, a co-worker encouraged me to try new things and I started blogging. From then I have slowly got back into the writing groove. I really enjoy sharing information with others and giving people inspiration to go after their best life.

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  13. From the moment I could string words together to create a coherent thought. Why? Because if I didn’t do it voluntarily, the words would still burst forth on their own. It is a driving force that can only be tamed through the writing.


  14. I thought about it in 2011 and opened my WordPress, but I couldn’t think of what to write and had other stuff to do. In November of last year, I was chatting with someone in SL about blogs and YouTube content and got suddenly inspired. I liked 3D food especially, and in real life I don’t have a varied diet since I’m super picky. My nutritional values must be truly low, actually. So I decided to try it out.


  15. I’ve always been a writer, or at least since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Started my own blog after a time of writing guest posts. One of these days I may stop – but it is likely I’ll be dead then.


  16. Like many of the commenters above, I have enjoyed writing since I wrote my first story in first or second grade. However, I stopped writing fiction when I graduated from college, and I did not come back to it until I was in my late 40s.


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