Wisdom Of Writers: Reading Comes First

After writing the post where I mentioned why a writer needs to be a reader, I realized I’m not dedicating as much time for reading as I should. How about you? Do you spend enough time reading? If not, Stephen King is arguing with both you and I:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Flow Of Pain

A few posts back I mentioned the fact that an emotion should be the dot of every post, but sometimes it’s not easy to get that emotion out. Sometimes it needs some deep diving into the ocean of self. Ernest Hemingway connects writing with emotions in a beautiful way:

4 Strategies To Keep Writing When Things Get Tough

What do you do when your blog doesn’t perform as expected? How do you handle the times when you write something and you think you nailed it, but your readers don’t seem to appreciate it? Is it frustrating? Does it feel like quitting? I bet it does! Since you love your website and you loveContinue reading “4 Strategies To Keep Writing When Things Get Tough”

Do You Have A Specific Niche? 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

What is your website all about? Is it something specific or is it more general? Do you want to share your expertise on a certain topic or you want to share your daily life? Saturday I wrote about the 3 questions every writer should ask the self and I was mentioning that and the secondContinue reading “Do You Have A Specific Niche? 6 Reasons Why It’s Important”

Review: One Of The Best SEO Tools

Are you looking for more interested readers? Is one of your goals to have your website on page 1 of Google searches? Do you want to make the most out of your website or blog? If your answer is yes, then you have to have a look at what SEO is and what to doContinue reading “Review: One Of The Best SEO Tools”

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