Wisdom Of Writers: Writer Habits

Every human is different; therefore, every writer is different. This means that we all have different ways of doing things, which can help or hurt our capabilities of anything, including writing. However, Stephen King thinks there are two habits every writer should form and have:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Starter Pack

What expectations do you have when starting something… anything? And what’s even more important, how do you react when that start is not performing the way you expected? Do you quit? Hopefully not. Ernest Hemingway is really honest and he basically tells us to lower our expectations when we start anything, in less and moreContinue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Starter Pack”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Practical Benefit

Being a writer is a way of living, regardless if you write books, blog posts, short stories and so on. And as a way of living, it needs to have some practical benefits so you can, you know, LIVE! A piece of content is not so visible in the world like building a house, butContinue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Practical Benefit”

Wisdom Of Writers: Impacting Words

How often do you think about the impact your writing has on your readers? Maybe you think more about the impact your writing should have, which is not really the same. Anyways, Aldous Huxley has a very interesting way of describing the impact words can have on readers:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Power Of Details

Do you try to write as detailed as possible or do you prefer letting your readers imagine the details? Either way, it has a huge impact over your… impact. If you think about it and you look around, the beauty is in details, don’t you think? Anton Chekhov has a great way of showing theContinue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Power Of Details”

Wisdom Of Writers: Wording Really Matters!

How often do you struggle to find the right words so your writings seem to be a little more aligned to what you want to express? If you do it often, you’re on the right path! Mark Twain teaches us that the right words can have an impact bigger than we might think:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Emotion Trigger

I’ve always been a big fan of the importance of emotions in every piece of content, even though I know that sometimes emotions are not so easy to express and “use”. Nevertheless, after reading this quote by Robert Frost, I will definitely try more:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Creativity Killer

Have you ever noticed that when you feel empowered, you are very creative and when you feel down, you cannot put together two sentences? That’s because when we’re down, we feel powerless. Sylvia Plath mentions how there is no lack of writing material, but there is an enemy lurking:

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