Wisdom Of Writers: Reading Comes First

After writing the post where I mentioned why a writer needs to be a reader, I realized I’m not dedicating as much time for reading as I should. How about you? Do you spend enough time reading? If not, Stephen King is arguing with both you and I:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Flow Of Pain

A few posts back I mentioned the fact that an emotion should be the dot of every post, but sometimes it’s not easy to get that emotion out. Sometimes it needs some deep diving into the ocean of self. Ernest Hemingway connects writing with emotions in a beautiful way:

Wisdom Of Writers: The Untold Story

How often do you wonder how the greatest writers think? What about the lessons they try to teach us? My goal is to have an impact through my writings, therefore, for me to become better, I try to “borrow” the wisdom from the ones that have it. With this in mind, starting today, I’m startingContinue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Untold Story”

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