How To Deal With Negative Feedback?

How often does fear of negative feedback stops you from doing something? What about from writing a harsh truth? How many ideas are killed daily because of this fear of negative feedback? Negative feedback will always be a possibility for any of us because you cannot be liked by everybody. You really can’t, and theContinue reading “How To Deal With Negative Feedback?”

6 Habits Every Writer Needs To Have

How would you define a writer? What do writers do to become successful? How come some bloggers have tons of followers whilst others don’t? The answer lays in the things they daily do over and over again, so basically, their habits. Maine we sometimes don’t realize, but what we do every single day is whatContinue reading “6 Habits Every Writer Needs To Have”

Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?

How awesome would it be to make a living out with your writings? To sit in your chair with your coffee doing what you love without thinking about the need to go to a “main job” that pays the bills? Well, you know it as well as me that it is possible. There are bigContinue reading “Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?”

4 Strategies To Keep Writing When Things Get Tough

What do you do when your blog doesn’t perform as expected? How do you handle the times when you write something and you think you nailed it, but your readers don’t seem to appreciate it? Is it frustrating? Does it feel like quitting? I bet it does! Since you love your website and you loveContinue reading “4 Strategies To Keep Writing When Things Get Tough”

Do You Have A Specific Niche? 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

What is your website all about? Is it something specific or is it more general? Do you want to share your expertise on a certain topic or you want to share your daily life? Saturday I wrote about the 3 questions every writer should ask the self and I was mentioning that and the secondContinue reading “Do You Have A Specific Niche? 6 Reasons Why It’s Important”

Writers & COVID19: What’s The Impact?

When you think about this pandemic, which are the first thoughts that go through your mind? Isolation? Death? Punishment? Fear? Whatever it is, it won’t go away to soon, so we need to adapt because we cannot run away from it (believe me, I tried!). So what’s left? If you watch the news, you seeContinue reading “Writers & COVID19: What’s The Impact?”

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