Content Styling: A Must?

Are you more focused on creating the content or on making everything look nice? Or maybe both?

Well, it seems that while focusing on the quality of our content and on the quality of our titles, we might forget how important the looks are. Surprising, isn’t it?Continue reading “Content Styling: A Must?”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Right Words

How hard is it to find the right words when writing something? Do those even exist? Sometimes we get so close to finding them, whilst other times we are miles away.

Whatever the situation, Jack Kerouac implies that finding those words is a continuous search:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Right Words”

4 Reasons Why Your Post Title Is Important

If you look at the majority of the titles you use for your posts, how would you describe them? If other people would use similar post titles, how inclined would you be to click on those posts?

Yesterday I mentioned why the quality of your content matters, so today I’ll try to cover the reasons why the post title is also important.Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Your Post Title Is Important”

Wisdom Of Writers: Living Twice

How often do you think about writing to be a way of living? Ad I’m not talking about the materialistic perspective. I’m talking about feeling and experiencing things while writing.

Anais Nin caught this idea in a short, interesting way:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Living Twice”

How Important The Content Quality Really Is?

While trying to have in mind so many plans, strategies and numbers, we might end up losing focus on something that used to be the most important: the words we write. But how important the content really is? If you have to have in mind things like social media, SEO, great title, comments, emails, likes, advertising and so on, how much time do you still have for your content and how important that is?Continue reading “How Important The Content Quality Really Is?”

Wisdom Of Writers: Untamed Mind

This quote by Virginia Woolf is extremely well suited for the lockdowns we have to endure nowadays (From different reasons, of course! Covid was just a baby back then).

However, it is a clear example that nothing can stop our minds:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Untamed Mind”

Are There Too Many Writers?

Before starting this blog, I kept thinking if there are too many writers, so maybe this niche is extra-full and I shouldn’t do it, but I did it anyway. And I keep thinking if the world needs so many written words, or if everything has been said already.Continue reading “Are There Too Many Writers?”

Wisdom Of Writers: Reading Comes First

After writing the post where I mentioned why a writer needs to be a reader, I realized I’m not dedicating as much time for reading as I should. How about you? Do you spend enough time reading?

If not, Stephen King is arguing with both you and I:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Reading Comes First”

Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?

How awesome would it be to make a living out with your writings? To sit in your chair with your coffee doing what you love without thinking about the need to go to a “main job” that pays the bills?

Well, you know it as well as me that it is possible. There are big bloggers and writers out there that make it every single day, so why can’t you?Continue reading “Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Flow Of Pain

A few posts back I mentioned the fact that an emotion should be the dot of every post, but sometimes it’s not easy to get that emotion out. Sometimes it needs some deep diving into the ocean of self.

Ernest Hemingway connects writing with emotions in a beautiful way:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Flow Of Pain”

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