The Importance Of Your Writing Environment

How often do you pay attention to your environment while writing? Do you feel distracted? Inspired? In a good mood?

The real question is if your writing environment is helping you or not. If it is, then it is awesome! If not, you probably need to do some changes.Continue reading “The Importance Of Your Writing Environment”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Power Of Details

Do you try to write as detailed as possible or do you prefer letting your readers imagine the details? Either way, it has a huge impact over your… impact. If you think about it and you look around, the beauty is in details, don’t you think?

Anton Chekhov has a great way of showing the power of details:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Power Of Details”

Are Images Required In Each Post?

Can an image worth more than 1000 words in the blogging world as well? How often and how many images do you use in your posts? Are those images complementing your post or they are there to make your post look longer and prettier?

I tend to use images in all my posts because of several reasons:Continue reading “Are Images Required In Each Post?”

Wisdom Of Writers: Wording Really Matters!

How often do you struggle to find the right words so your writings seem to be a little more aligned to what you want to express? If you do it often, you’re on the right path!

Mark Twain teaches us that the right words can have an impact bigger than we might think:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Wording Really Matters!”

Keyword Research: The Step Before Every Post?

Before starting to work on a post, what is the first step you take? Is it to write down the main ideas you want to cover for that particular topic? Is it to struggle to find something to write about? Or maybe you just start writing without any other step before?

You know it, and I also wrote about the importance of having readers, but if you write every post in a particular way, in time, more and more people will find your post through search engines.Continue reading “Keyword Research: The Step Before Every Post?”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Emotion Trigger

I’ve always been a big fan of the importance of emotions in every piece of content, even though I know that sometimes emotions are not so easy to express and “use”.

Nevertheless, after reading this quote by Robert Frost, I will definitely try more:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Emotion Trigger”

5 Benefits Of Writing About One Topic At A Time

If you analyze your writing style, how would you describe it in regards with the number of topics tackled in one post? Do you notice any difference in performance if you compare the posts with one topic with the ones with more than one?

Okay, let’s get this straight! When I say one topic, I’m referring to one main idea that can be influenced by other things. You don’t need to write one sentence in 2000 words, because it will affect the quality of your content.Continue reading “5 Benefits Of Writing About One Topic At A Time”

Wisdom Of Writers: Midnight Writings

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with crazy idea about… everything? Well, me too! I never thought about writing those things down, but I think I will.

If you do wake up and write those down, would you say Saul Bellow is right?Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: Midnight Writings”

Reading From A Reader’s Perspective

As writers, we tend to read our own creations with the eyes and the mind of an editor, which is awesome because that’s mainly how we get better at our craft. However, how often do you read your own posts with the eyes of a reader?

What is this good for? Well, how can you understand and know your readers if you don’t put yourself in their shoes so you can see how they see your website?Continue reading “Reading From A Reader’s Perspective”

Wisdom Of Writers: The Creativity Killer

Have you ever noticed that when you feel empowered, you are very creative and when you feel down, you cannot put together two sentences? That’s because when we’re down, we feel powerless.

Sylvia Plath mentions how there is no lack of writing material, but there is an enemy lurking:Continue reading “Wisdom Of Writers: The Creativity Killer”

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