Wisdom Of Writers: No “Undo”

Have you ever considered a written piece as something permanent? Even though nobody seen it, except for the writer.

I agree with Anthony Burgess on this matter because every creation has an impact. And the first impact is over the creator; impact which cannot be undone or deleted or destroyed. It will be part of that creator forever.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

“We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it.”

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  1. I agree with this, whilst also enjoying that I can unpick my work and use bits of it for other things or re-write it completely from another point of view and then decide which I like the best. Still looking for gold at the end of that rainbow …

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  2. Yes! It’s like if you get really really drunk and you leave a message on your co workers voice mail, then regret it, then imagine in vein that you didn’t actually do that. It’s devastating for you but your co worker probably doesn’t care. 😝

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  3. I’d like to believe that no writing is wasted. I’ve written three god-awful novels, an output worse than that of Thomas Harris. I feel like I’ve learned something from each. Mostly, what not to do, but that’s still learning.

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