3 Free Ways To Promote Your Book

If you wrote and published a book (or you plan doing it), you will need to do some marketing so you can sell it, especially if it’s a self-published book.

You and I both know that writing a book is hard, but marketing it can be even harder, especially if you don’t have budget for this.

To help you with this, I’m sharing with you these three free ways to promote your book.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

1) Give it away for free in exchange for reviews

This is extremely easy to do if you have an electronic version of your book.

WordPress is fantastic and it has an amazing community where you can find all sorts of people, including book lovers. The first thing you can do is to tell your followers you launched your book and that you are willing to give it for free in exchange for a review on their own blog. You can also ask them to mention the same thing to their audience (that you will give your book for free for their review).

Besides this, you can reach out to book lovers yourself. For example, if you go to the tag book-review, you will find many posts that have book reviews. Reach out to those bloggers asking them if they are interested in receiving your book for free in exchange for a review on their blog.

After receiving the reviews, create a book page (if you haven’t already) and link all those reviews to it. You can even quote the best parts of those reviews for displaying how great your book is.

2) Share it on Social Media

I know this sounds obvious, but I know authors that don’t want to share their books on social media because they don’t want their friends to find out about their writings. This is just fear talking and controlling their thoughts.

If you face the same fear, try some ways of handling your writing-related fears and share those links. You could also post some samples from your book on both your blog and social media including the links towards your purchase page. Ask your friends to do it too! What’s the worst thing that could happen?

People judge us anyway. The difference is that instead of letting that judgement control our life, we actually do something about it!

3) Post daily and include your book there

People have a habit of forgetting. Even they like you and they read your posts, they might forget you wrote a book if they haven’t read it already, so you need to remind them.

If you post daily, insert a small reminder at the end of each post. This is extremely helpful for the readers that visit your website directly from WordPress Reader. There are no headers or sidebars or menus or anything if you read a post from reader, therefore you need to add that small reminder at the end of the posts themselves. And if you don’t post daily, you might consider doing it.

Marketing is about exposure, so think about all they ways you can expose your book in front of potential readers (of course, if you have some money to spend, it’s easier).

Which other free ways of promoting a book are useful?

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  1. If you are a writer, or poet – and would like to have your book featured on the Shadow Girl Coffee Blog (www.shadowgirlcoffee.com) and/or Facebook Page, send your descriptive blurb and a graphic (in .jpg format) of your book or coverart, and where it can be purchased to me at Shadowgirlcoffee@gmail.com – WITH a short sentence or two about how coffee fits in to your creative process.

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I need the push as I have a children’s book finished…I haven’t marketed it yet. Will get on it this week. Thanks again.

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  3. Every new author loves the word free! It is difficult to give away books, but we have to realize that it is part of your advertising budget. What?! You don’t have an advertising budget? It doesn’t have to be big. You can’t grow a plant if you don’t water it.

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