Are You A Real Writer?

Seriously, are you? How do we even define what “a real writer” really is? Who says who is a writer and who’s not? Is there an International Organization Of Naming Real Writers or something similar I should know about?

All jokes aside, most of us probably have different views regarding what a real writer is. And this makes me wonder if there is a common ground that we can use to make a standardization of the meaning of this term.

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It’s not about the frequency, but about the feeling

When I think about writers, I think about feelings. And not only feelings, but imagination and creativity too. Even though there are benefits of daily writing, you don’t need to write daily to be called a writer. It’s all about how writing makes you feel. And if it doesn’t make you feel in any way, maybe it’s because of the topic you’re writing about. So maybe that should change?

It’s about expressing yourself

Regardless the frequency you write, as long as you enjoy sharing your thoughts (and soul) with others, then you’re on the right track. Maybe you write once a month, but if when you do it you feel a true connection with yourself (and maybe with your audience, if you have any), then that’s what I call a real writer! Nobody can tell you otherwise!

It’s about helping yourself

You know, writing really really helps. Actually, my first post ever written on this blog was about writing being a free therapy. It’s about getting those demons out of you or about creating the world you ever wanted to live in. It’s about finding love or losing it. It’s about you being better thanks to your writings.

A real writer improves through his own writings. It shapes the own mind in better ways than any therapist could do it.

It’s about helping others

I strongly believe that we should leave the world a little better than we found it. Ant since the world is made out of people, all we need to do is to make someone’s day a little better than before that person interacted with us (Does that make sense? I ran out of coffee and my words seem to be asleep…).

So, if your writings can make someone’s day better, then you are a real writer. It doesn’t really matter what you are writing about or how often do you do it, as long as this happens, you are the reason this world improves.

In conclusion? If your writings have these benefits, you can call yourself a real writer. This title is not something someone else can give you. It’s only something you can give yourself. And remember: you are what you think you are!

Now, considering all of these, are you a real writer?

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  1. I started my blog several years ago, (actually it’s been decades). I wrote some stuff and duly forgot what I’d started. There was even a time, (on at least one platform) that I wrote several times a week. THEN, I was a writer – because I wrote. lol
    I came back to WordPress a few years ago to “really work it out and make a go of it this time”. I’ve written and deleted and restarted and written and deleted so many times.
    I recently made a new start. 🙂
    NOW, I will be a writer. because I think “you are what you do”. 🙂

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    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience! I’m glad you made a new start and you haven’t dropped this idea of you being a writer. May I ask what determined you to re-do it so many times?

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      • Certainly, Lorene,
        When I first started, I knew what I wanted to write about but I had no clear sense of how I wanted to present it. So, I would make a start, but, would easily become discouraged because I didn’t know what my next move would be.
        On my most “successful” blog, (in terms of continued writing), I took it one post at a time, and I had quite a few followers.
        Unfortunately, that platform was discontinued.
        Now, I am finally clear on how I want to present my ideas I am happy and confident to do so. However, I don’t have time to write every day because I create other content.
        I’m still very happy to call myself a writer, though, or a blogger, at least. 🙂

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  2. Great post Lorene, as I think writers need support to climb that fence, but I’ve met too many writers who don’t write. They enjoy the romanticism of the notion that they are writers without putting forth the effort to find their voice and establish their bona fides. I don’t think I’m a better writer than those who struggle in this vein, and I strive to avoid feelings of superiority, but it bothers me when others try to plant their flag in my terra firma. Do the work, I want to say, before you attempt to be something you aren’t? Having said that, I welcome and embrace anyone who wants to tackle this difficult, frustrating, rewarding, and incredible craft.

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    • Well, I think that it’s so much easier for people to have hopes and dreams without raising a single finger towards that direction. That’s because when you start going on a path, it makes it real. And with problems come with that. No one wants problems. They only want the feelings that come with the benefits of potential positive outcomes.

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      • I couldn’t have said that better myself. I have a friend who is loaded with Potential. He loves talking about his potential to succeed, and it is not false bravado. He is truly a talented person, but he prefers to know that than he does knowing the extent of his talent. He is a very good friend, so I felt like I was in a good position to tell him that he might regret never pursuing various avenues that help him realize his talent. Put your tailbone on the line, and make yourself vulnerable to the opinions of others. You will probably fail more than you succeed (such is the nature of life), but if you never know, it might haunt you.

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