7 Steps To Get Into The Writing Mindset

How does your mind look like when you try to write something? In which state do you write better? Are you doing anything special to get into that state?

The writing mindset is the term I use to describe the state of mind that allows you to write your best. We all have one, regardless if we are aware of how it looks like. And if we can control it, then we can write our best every time we write something, which will help us grow more and more in this writing field.

But I must warn you: some steps are not easy! They take practice, and with practice it will become a habit, so it will take less and less conscious effort to access it. If you are ready for this commitment, let’s do it!

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Oh, and one more thing! Before getting into the steps, make sure you already did your keywords research (for SEO purposes) and you already decided what you want to write about in this particular piece.

Step 1: Remove all your distractions

You know yourself best, so you know what usually distracts you. Leave your in another room, kill your internet (you can write in Word and then publish it), turn off the TV, turn off the radio, turn off the cat or the spouse or whatever usually distracts you.

This is the main reason why we cannot get into the writing mindset. We quickly lose our focus and we end up thinking about everything but our one writing topic.

Step 2: Prepare your environment

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of your writing environment, so you need to prepare that specifically the way it works for you best. I know I mentioned earlier to turn off TVs and stuff, but if any of those are more inspiring than distracting, then you need them on. Also, make sure you have around everything you need for writing: a piece of paper for writing down ideas, a pen, your PC/laptop or whatever you use for writing content.

As an example, I sometimes like to listen to instrumental covers on YouTube. I use headsets to help me focus and to not hear anything from my environment (sometimes my neighbors get crazy). Oh, and I also have to have a cup of hot coffee near me. I cannot write without it.

Step 3: Meditate for 10 minutes

Don’t rush into writing! Your mind needs to be relaxed so the flow of ideas can come. You cannot force the ideas out of nowhere, but you can form the ones that come to you. So, empty your mind and think about nothing for a while (for me, this is extremely hard!).

Step 4: Feed your main topic to your mind

Once you notice you feel more relaxed, you can start thinking about the topic you want to write about. Our mind works in an interesting way: if you feed it with one thought, similar thoughts will come. So, if you have a clear mind and you feed it the topic you want to write about, ideas will come.

Step 5: Write down every idea that comes to you

Now you can use that piece of paper I mentioned in step 2. Write down every thought related to your content. Anything! It doesn’t have to be pretty and it can be messy, but whatever you do, write those ideas down so you can rely and focus on them when you start creating your content.

Step 6: Create your title

Now that you have written down your main ideas and you have the keywords you want to focus on in this post, you can create your title.

In my experience, I realized that once I have my title written down, it is much easier to come up with the contents. I guess that writing down the title first, it sets a target for the mind to focus on, and in this case, with the ideas written down, it should be easier to write down an awesome title.

Step 7: Write!

Congratulations! You’re now in the writing mindset, therefore you are ready for diving into your creativity and laying it down on paper (or PC/laptop). You will make your amazing piece in no time!

I really hope these 7 steps to get into the writing mindset will help you become more productive, without losing precious time on distractions when it is writing time. If you try it, please let me know how it works for you!

Until now, how did you get into the writing mindset?

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  1. I find the best way to write is to envision yourself finishing it and feeling pride in not smashing your keyboard at the wall until no letter stands. Also feeling pride at finishing a post. Obviously

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  2. I find it is all in the preparation. Just as you explain. Eliminating all unnecessary distractions (mental and physical) is really important. Meditation works wonders for me. Once I am ready to write I use the pomodoro technique to make sure my thoughts don’t wander. Really helps! 😁

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      • So sorry I missed the notification for this reply! Not sure what happened there! You are very welcome. My pleasure. I never used the pomodoro technique before NaNoWriMo2020. But it worked great for me and I will continue to use it over and over again. Keeps me focused on the task in hand. 🙂

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  3. Great tips.
    I would just add one more – If you want to make it easy, do it every day. If you don’t feel like writing today, do it anyway. Over the time you will stop arguing with yourself for a lack of inspiration 😀

    And meditation helps the best!


  4. Great post, it is always reassuring and affirming to see the writing process made plain. As you mentioned in one of your other posts writing can be a lonely process from the perspective of no one can write for us; so it is always a great encouragement for me to read about and see other people on their own writing journey and the similarities and differences that we all share as writers.

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