Content Styling: A Must?

Are you more focused on creating the content or on making everything look nice? Or maybe both?

Well, it seems that while focusing on the quality of our content and on the quality of our titles, we might forget how important the looks are. Surprising, isn’t it?

Styling gives structure to a messy post

A post that has Headlines, links, bold and italic text and ● bullet points is more pleasing to the eye than a post with uniform text from start to end, don’t you think? It gives any post a more professional look and it also tells the reader that the writer knows the topic so much that he/she can offer a structured overview about the topic (Also, you will please people with OCD).

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Styling tells the reader which parts are the most important

If the whole text is written the same way, then the whole text is interpreted as having the same level of importance. Just think about it: if something is in bold, aren’t you more inclined to read that part compared to normal text?

Moreover, most readers don’t read a post word-by-word, but they scan the page and read the most important parts. Their time is too precious! So, if those parts aren’t signalized in any way, how much of that piece of content the readers really read? Probably only a little, so the whole work was almost in vain.

Styling will help you organize your thoughts

It might sound strange, but try writing 500 words without any styling not so ever. No paragraphs, no bold, nothing. Just sentences one after another. How do you think that would feel like? I think it would feel very confusing, and writing should be quite the opposite of that. But if you create a structure by styling your content, you’ll see that it will have more logic and it will become clearer for you too, therefore, most of your readers will feel the same.

Styling tells search engines how awesome your content is

All the things mentioned above for people, they apply for search engines as well. Basically, the crawlers developed by search engines to scan the web do the same humans do (consciously or unconsciously): they check to see if there is a structure of the post (e.g. H2-H5 tags, bullet points and so on), they check to see which parts are more important than others, they check to see if the title matches the contents of that post, they check for links (internal and external) and so on. Based on these things, search engines create a hierarchy for themselves with posts and they show the higher ones to the people that search for things.

As in everything, styling requires moderation. You cannot use 10 different fonts and use links for every 2 out of 4 words. This can also become confusing. You know that saying: When everything is important, then nothing is!

Have you noticed any differences between the posts with more style than others?

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  1. The fun part what you emphasized was, people with OCD. Really! I have encountered such people. Earlier I used to be very annoyed, but now I enjoy their company. You are right about styling. If no one is reading or is not encouraged to read your content, then it doesn’t matter how good you right.

    And yes ! you have shown me the mirror. I always keep running from styling my blog. Thanks a ton for reminding its importance. Though I knew but still tried to elude myself. Really honest and nice advice. We all need a friend and guide like you. Keep writing and keep guiding. And for me ………….. Agrrrhh ! Back to drawing board !

    Thanks for Visiting my Blog

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