4 Reasons Why Your Post Title Is Important

If you look at the majority of the titles you use for your posts, how would you describe them? If other people would use similar post titles, how inclined would you be to click on those posts?

Yesterday I mentioned why the quality of your content matters, so today I’ll try to cover the reasons why the post title is also important.

1) It summarizes the contents of your post

I know it’s pretty much obvious this is the case, but I often seem to get lost in the ideas I have in mind, which I haven’t wrote in a blog post, and I end up writing titles related to the things I haven’t even mentioned in the post itself, but I assume they pop-up like a never-written conclusion (yes, it’s my stupid mistake!).

Therefore, if your title doesn’t have a strong connection to what your post is all about, you end up losing readers in the long run.

2) It picks the reader’s interest

A title well written that summarizes the contents of that post will determine the readers that are not even that into your topic to click just to clarify some things in their own head. A well-written title should be formed in such a way that it tells the readers the contents of that post will solve their unsolved problem related to that topic.

For example, if someone does a step-by-step tutorial regarding how to invest in bitcoin, but the title says Tutorial for improving your finances, not so many people would click on it (I surely wouldn’t do it), but if the title says 10 Steps tutorial for getting better at bitcoin investing, then I would definitely click on that. Wouldn’t you?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3) That’s what the readers expect from your post

Let’s take the previous example about the title Tutorial for improving your finances. The people interested in finances will click on that and they expect… well… whatever the finances involves. The bad part is that this is such a broad topic (finances), but the content is very specific (bitcoin). Therefore, the people will get disappointed for not finding what they are expecting.

4) It helps search engines create a strong unified image of your post

How often did you searched something on google and you received an article with a title unrelated to its contents (without taking into consideration the paid posts)? Personally, I haven’t. And this is because search engines try to give you the best results possible for the keywords you’ve searched. Two identical posts, but one with a better title than the other, won’t appear next to each other. The post with a better title will rank higher in the search rank because the search engine believes that post is better suited for the person that searched that topic.

The title is important because it represents the contents of each post to both people and search engines, so a bad title will lead to losing readers and losing ranks.

If you look at your posts, how does the title of your most viewed post look like?

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