How Important The Content Quality Really Is?

While trying to have in mind so many plans, strategies and numbers, we might end up losing focus on something that used to be the most important: the words we write. But how important the content really is? If you have to have in mind things like social media, SEO, great title, comments, emails, likes, advertising and so on, how much time do you still have for your content and how important that is?

This world is based on attention and basically, every creator of anything needs other people’s attention, and the pursue of that attention makes us focus on other things, leaving our content somewhere at the bottom of our list. However, that might not be that helpful in the long run.

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Strategies bring readers, but they stay for the content

How often have you heard something like: I don’t like that website, but I will keep going there because I like their ads. Probably never.

Yes, you might do things and you might apply some of those strategies and you probably get lots of traffic. The question is: how much of that traffic comes from returning readers? Because if your readers only come once and they never return, then it’s probably because your content isn’t the right one for them, so before concluding that your content sucks, think about the fact that your strategies are not focused on the type of readers that are interested of your content.

However, if your focus is spot on, then it’s probably because your content is not that good, so you need to focus more on creating high-quality content and less on bringing visitors. Think about a restaurant: if you don’t like their food, would you go back again?

Search engines read your content

It might be incredible, but this is the reality. I don’t know if you notice, but I became a big fan of SEO and whatever it implies. In today’s world, search engines rely more and more on AI and machine learning to determine which content is good and which is bad, so if your content is bad, it will be pushed down in the SERP (search engine results pages), therefore, the people really interested in your content, won’t be able to find it through search engines. I recommend studying SEO and using some form of SEO tools to create high-quality content for both people and machines ( got that covered with SEO tutorials and a bunch of premium tools you can try).

Marketing opens doors, but your content gets you in

Imagine that somehow someday a big influencer reaches hears about your website and visits it. This is a huge opportunity for you, therefore a door open. But if she or he doesn’t like your content, do you think it will share it with hers/his audience?

So I guess that in the end, it all comes down to your content and if it’s not good enough, your website will slowly die. Are you willing to let that happen or will you do what it takes to have a long-living prosper website?


  1. Interesting post and I agree on the importance of producing quality content. As otherwise although a blog may get a certain number of views, if the blog isn’t authentic then it will be much harder to make people genuinely want to keep reaing.

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  2. The quality of writing is definitely the most important part of your content. It’s like your favourite brand of your favourite snack. They lured you in with a 2 for 1 deal but you kept buying it because it was tasty.

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    • If you’re talking about mnimonicpoint, then I have to be honest with you and tell you it’s a little confusing. It says “mnimonic”, but on the front page you have “What is Mnemonic ?”. This difference hurts your SEO and your readers. Also, you have stuff related to increasing your memory, but in the same time you have stuff related to traveling. Which one is it? And as a last point, your page “What is mnimonic?” (again with i, not e), has nothing on it…


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