Blog Monetization: Your Long-Term Goal?

How awesome would it be to make a living out with your writings? To sit in your chair with your coffee doing what you love without thinking about the need to go to a “main job” that pays the bills?

Well, you know it as well as me that it is possible. There are big bloggers and writers out there that make it every single day, so why can’t you?

YOU CAN, but you need a strategy. A strong long-term strategy and with long-term I don’t mean a month, I mean a year (or more). If this scares you a little, that’s great! It means your blog has the potential of becoming awesome!

So are you ready to start? I can’t hear you? Come on, put some soul into it! Yes! That’s the spirit!

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Commitment: The first and most important step!

It’s easy to keep it up when things go smooth, but what about when things get rough? Hopefully, the 4 strategies I wrote regarding how to keep writing when things get tough can help you here, but in the end, it’s all up to you to do whatever it takes to avoid stopping.

Anything is possible if you’re committed to it!

Forget about money and focus on your readers!

Yes, you read it well! If you need to forget about money to make some money out of writing because that shouldn’t be your motivator. Instead, focus on your readers and put them first. Write in such a way that the day your readers have gets better after visiting your blog.

If you put your readers first, they will become your fans and they will return every day to your website so they can feel better again and again. If you put them first, they will get addicted of your content!

Write down your goals!

One of the 3 most important questions every writer should ask to self is What is your long-term goal? You need to write the answer down and put it somewhere where you can see it every single day to get empowered.

Let’s say you want X number of followers or Y number of daily page-views. Whatever it is, write that down and keep it as a beacon that guides your actions, but remember to always have in mind that your readers must come first! The happier your readers are, the higher your numbers will go.

Go crazy with your numbers. You know that saying: Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!

Know your readers!

You need to know who your readers are so you can write content that’s appealing to them, without losing your individuality. If you know what type of people are most likely to need and like your content, think about where they are so you can be there as well.

Make sure your readers can find you!

We live in an era of diversity and noise, so it gets very hard to stand out of the crowd. This is why you need a long-term strategy. Most people will quit because they expect immediate results. Don’t be like them!

If you know your readers, then you know where you can find them, therefore you know where you need to be. If your readers are everywhere, be everywhere! Share your stuff on social media, write in such a way that it is well optimized for search engines, tell your dog to tell other dogs to tell their owners to check out your content!

Be professional!

This is probably most important part because when we pursue something, we might end up forgetting the quality to the detriment of quantity. Don’t write stuff just to have content (btw, Google will punish your website if you write low-quality content by pushing it down in the search results).

Study social marketing and SEO and choose some premium software that helps you get in front of others. Most people won’t do it, therefore you can have an advantage by doing so. If we apply the 80/20 rule, 80% of the content gets to be read by 20% of the people, so don’t focus on creating lots of content! Create high-quality well-optimized content to be in the top 20% of content creators that are read by 80% of the people.

And remember, as Gary Vaynerchuk says: Do You! If you don’t enjoy it, then it’s all for nothing!

PS: If you’re serious about writing and you want to have a long-lasting website that stands out of the crowd, check out one of the best SEO tools out there,, and get on the first page of search engines. You can find my full Mangools review here).

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Writing is easy… everybody writes something. But who is writing? The heart, the brain or a mix of them? Why do you write and what is it good for? I guess we have to write everything down and find out!

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