Writing: The Best Way To Communicate An Idea?

When you think about the nature of writing, what comes to your mind? I believe that besides all the benefits writing has, in the end, it is a portal towards ones’ mind; a way to communicate an idea.

But is it the best way?

Writing eliminates constant interruptions

Yes, yes, I know that there is a constant flow of notifications with cute cats, disasters, covid and people that are bored, but this flow is something we control. What I noticed in the way we speak with others is that most of the time we constantly interrupt each other and we end up losing the cursivity of an idea. Moreover, in the rare situations when the interruption doesn’t occur, it is most likely that “the listener” is not listening at all and she/he only thinks about what to say when the other ends.

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When we write, if we are alone in the room with notifications off, we won’t be interrupted, therefore we are able to form and express an idea end-to-end, so the receiver of your idea will be able to “hear” it full before replying.

We are able to edit what we say

How awesome would it be if we were able to edit our words after we spoke them? Maybe in the future that will be able, but not today. When you say something to someone, that thing will remain said and nothing can take it back for re-editing. But when we write, we are able to edit and re-edit until we are mostly satisfied with the end result (btw, I rarely am satisfied with the end result, but at least I try to do my best). Too often we say sh** to people and we wish to delete those words… (Scientists, please make that happen! There are things said that not even all the alcohol in the world can erase them!).

Images can complement your ideas

Well, spoken word doesn’t have picture-in-picture, but writing has! Remember that moment when you wrote your best and you find the killer picture that fits in like a missing puzzle piece? Talking to someone face-to-face doesn’t allow that (unless you have a collection of images on your phone and you do a slideshow when talking), except for presentations, but that goes into a different category.

So if we compare writing with speaking, I think it is the best way to communicate an idea. And if we go further to compare it with painting or composing music, it’s hard to tell. I guess that art in general is able to communicate ideas much better than speech, so whichever form of art you are fond of, go ahead and communicate your ideas to the world!

In your opinion, what is the best way to communicate an idea?

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Published by Lorene M.

Writing is easy… everybody writes something. But who is writing? The heart, the brain or a mix of them? Why do you write and what is it good for? I guess we have to write everything down and find out!

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