4 Strategies To Keep Writing When Things Get Tough

What do you do when your blog doesn’t perform as expected? How do you handle the times when you write something and you think you nailed it, but your readers don’t seem to appreciate it? Is it frustrating? Does it feel like quitting? I bet it does!

Since you love your website and you love what you do, you shouldn’t stop just because things get tough! Things will get tough all the time but that doesn’t mean it should control you and your writings. It’s not fair!

The great thing about this is that in the end, you are the one in control, so there are things you can do to push through. Here are 4 strategies that can help you keep writing when things get tough:

Photo by Aigars Jansons on Pexels.com
1) Remember why you started in the first place

It is so easy to get lost in the number of likes, views, followers and so on that we sometimes forget why we started writing in the first place. Most of the time, remembering that reason will help you move forward because when you started, your numbers were all zero, right?

So if your numbers are not as expected, or you encountered a negative feedback or you’re not in the mood of writing, remember that you started with a reason and your thoughts. Is that still motivating you? Is that reason still in place?

2) Remember that anything great require time and effort

When things get tough for me, I always think that if it’s hard, then it is worthwhile. Great things don’t happen overnight, because anybody would be able to make them. Also, the harder it is, the higher the chances no one else will do it.

Nowadays, people want instant gratification. That’s how this society works. You buy something and it gets delivered within one day, you post a picture on social media and you immediately start getting likes, you send a text and you (expect) to receive the response ASAP.

That’s not how it works when you build something great, otherwise more people would do it. So I strongly believe that the harder it is, the better the outcome.

3) Write down everything that goes through your mind

If you feel down or not in the mood for writing, then you probably have a lot of things going through your mind. If that’s the case, then you must write. Write down everything that goes through your mind and be as honest as you can so you can liberate yourself of all those thoughts.

And actually, it doesn’t really matter if you’re going to do something with that or not. All that matters is to get it out of you so you can think again about what really matters to you.

4) Get in touch with people that went through the same

You know you’re not alone in the world, don’t you? So probably there are many people that go through the same as you do and also, there are people that went through what you’re going through right now, so if you find them and connect with them, they will be able to tell you how they solved that problem.

If it’s the numbers, find new ways of getting traffic. If you’re in a dark place, find someone to talk about it. If you just don’t know what to write about, try reading stuff related to your niche. But whatever you do, don’t stop! Ever! Not until you’re extremely proud of yourself!

What do you do to keep writing when things get tough?

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Published by Lorene M.

Writing is easy… everybody writes something. But who is writing? The heart, the brain or a mix of them? Why do you write and what is it good for? I guess we have to write everything down and find out!

11 thoughts on “4 Strategies To Keep Writing When Things Get Tough

  1. I agree with all you mentioned. I’m not a superstitious person, but I started my blog to show a freelance site I could write for their niche. I relaxed, had fun, researched and never heard back. I also didn’t have ANY expectations. But I have had unexpected attention of the good kind. There is a tribe out there and they’re taking chances too. Xx V

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