Do You Have A Specific Niche? 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

What is your website all about? Is it something specific or is it more general? Do you want to share your expertise on a certain topic or you want to share your daily life?

Saturday I wrote about the 3 questions every writer should ask the self and I was mentioning that and the second question was related to exactly this: what do you want to express? Therefore, the first reason is pretty obvious:

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1) Because it helps you choose what to write about

If you are certain regarding to what you want to transmit, then you know what to write about. It might be easier for you to come up with ideas, words, images, links and so on.

2) Your pieces will attract the right readers

The type of reader you want for your website is the interested reader. This is because an interested reader will come back every day for your particular type of content, knowing exactly what to expect. For example, if I’m looking for a blog related to beauty products, I won’t be satisfied to read about clothes because that was not what I was expecting from that website.

3) It will help you set up a schedule for yourself

I know that all writers want to write, so everything can become a subject of writing. However, when you have a specific niche, you realize what is worth thinking about and writing a piece of content, but also what to ignore and let it be. For example, you have a blog where you share your daily life, you can set up your schedule in the morning so you can write about your last day after you fully experienced it (I guess you cannot write about what you went through in a day if that day isn’t over, don’t you think?). Or if your website is all about Christmas, it doesn’t make sense to write about in in June, right?

4) It will help you become the best in your niche

Imagine if someone would be a football player, a volleyball player, a tennis player, a basketball player, a marathon runner and hockey player. Given the fact that everybody has 24 hours in a day, do you think that person can become as good football player as someone that focuses on playing and practicing on football only 24/7 (considering they have the same level of talent)? The same applies here. If you choose a niche and stay on it, you get better at that in time compared to someone that writes about the same topic as yours plus 10 different ones. It’s inevitable. And you will become the authority in your niche.

5) You will get to have a style that matches your chosen niche

You probably noticed that not every writing style applies to every topic. For example, you cannot be joyful when you talk about someone’s pain and you cannot have a depressing style when you write jokes. However, if you have a website when you write about everything, it will get harder to form your own particular style, especially if the topics you write about are kind of opposite.

6) Your website will have a better SEO

As you might know, I’m a big fan of SEO as it helps writers reach out to more readers by increasing the rank in search engines (more specific, the interested readers will find your website thanks to a high SEO score). One of the important parts of having a high SEO score is having a website that has a specific identity (for example, a website about lipsticks should have content highly related to lipsticks).

PS: If you’re serious about writing and you want to have a long-lasting website that stands out of the crowd, check out one of the best SEO tools out there,, and get on the first page of search engines. You can find my full Mangools review here).

Published by Lorene M.

Writing is easy… everybody writes something. But who is writing? The heart, the brain or a mix of them? Why do you write and what is it good for? I guess we have to write everything down and find out!

15 thoughts on “Do You Have A Specific Niche? 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

  1. I believe that finding the right niche is really important and helps us to reach out to the right people, those who might be interested in the topics we write about. This post is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to start a blog or a website. Thanks for sharing, Lorene!

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  2. Great insightful article, and you have shared some important points.
    I agree with you that niche articles do well, in online writing. Moreover, one should always write on those subjects, in which they have genuine interest, and they can share valuable content about them.
    Thank you for sharing.

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