Writers & COVID19: What’s The Impact?

When you think about this pandemic, which are the first thoughts that go through your mind? Isolation? Death? Punishment? Fear? Whatever it is, it won’t go away to soon, so we need to adapt because we cannot run away from it (believe me, I tried!).

So what’s left? If you watch the news, you see how the world is impacted, but what about professions? What’s the impact on us, writers?

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More time, less mood

With all these restrictions, there are little distractions out there, so there is more time for us… more time to write. However, with all these restrictions, the anxiety has a bigger role to play in our lives. I don’t know about you, but when I think about what’s happening in the world, I have little to zero mood for writing one single word (even if I do it, obviously).

I guess this is a unique period in our history when we are given the opportunity to stay inside and write whatever we want. When this madness will be over (if it will), this time would be gone and we might regret for not doing as much as we could.

More emotions, more writing material

As I mentioned in a previous post, an emotion can complete a post, therefore the more we have, the more we can write about it. This way, we get to stay consistent, create lots of meaningful content and get the cathartic liberating feeling.

Everybody is online, so more readers

Well, where else they can be? In 2020, most people spend their extra-time online, so they are hungry for content, which we can provide. Most people go through anxiety, fear, lack of control and so on, so if they see and read how others go through similar feelings and situations, it will comfort them.

My conclusion? This is a great opportunity for you, as a writer, to write your best. You have resources, writing material, extra-time and opportunity to find new readers!

How is this pandemic impacting you, as a writer?


  1. “How is this pandemic impacting you, as a writer?” = Positively, because I started writing only recently. If the pandemic didn’t happen, I never would have started I guess!

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